Future Superhuman

by Moon Tyrant

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Moon Tyrant is the living incarnation of Sisiuttl, the sacred spirit of the Kwakwaka’wakw. Being from the Pacific Northwest, Sisiutl refused to let another city be overrun by boring punk and grunge music. Recognizing Shanghai as a city on the brink of a perpetual humdrum, Sisiutl crossed the planes of existence and settled in the Pearl of the Orient. (One might note that Moon Tyrant's summer 2009 founding is concurrent with some other non-boring local bands.)

Harnessing the totem spirit of Sisiutl, Moon Tyrant is possibly Shanghai's loudest act, melding aggressive metal sounds with an anything-goes passion for all music and a belief that every song should have a sweet guitar solo.

"It's a brash, up-front affair that captures their live sound really well." - Shanghai 24/7

"If this is a new moon rising, we look forward to what it will become in its future phases of tyranny." - Jordan Small, That's Shanghai

"It sits you down and punches you in the face." - Rabshakeh, Friend or Foe

"Solid rock with a big R but sprinkled with distinct vocal stylings and hat tips to a wide variety of influences." - Andy Best, Kungfuology


released March 26, 2011

Written and produced by Moon Tyrant. Recorded at Godot Studios, Postape, and Luwan Rock. Mixed and Mastered by Adam Gaensler at Luwan Rock.




Moon Tyrant 上海市, China

Proud to be the loudest band in Shanghai.

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Track Name: Kodama
Skirt the rapids till you feel shallow
In the shallows you’ll come to rest
Shining through is hazy sunlight
On your face is

We cannot follow
To the land at window’s peak
In the barren lies the witchcraft
‘Till we slumber in defeat

Is the marching widow’s call
The silent creature’s yell?
Do lightning strikes and fireflies
Tumble around your feet?

It’s on this day the kingdom cries
Its rattles shake your bones
And underneath the widow’s veil
The creature waits alone

Monologues and demon hordes
Could not but calm the beast
Through the night, absence of light
It claws up toward the hill

To and fro the wipers go
And scuttle underfoot
For something of worth, this could
Ne’er be misunderstood.
Track Name: Cities
Sitting cities on the moon
We are now inviting you
Today the west, tomorrow the moon
So pack your bags, you won’t be coming back soon
We’re sitting cities on our moon
We’re flying ships and playing tunes
We’re dancing, dancing, dancing, e & shrooms
Shake it up, but don’t burn your spoon

We come from lands built by their doom
We’re sitting cities on the moon
And building love lives room by room
There’s nothing left but room for you

So now you must know who is who
We’re just the same old boys you knew
Oh towering cities on our blues
We’re red and white, black, yellow too
So here we are, we’ve come for you
Commit to us, then follow through
We’re dancing, dancing, dancing, women too
And this because we’re whites on the moon
Track Name: We've Made Progress Since Then
She’s got potential like a sadist with a soft spot for kittens
A seed you bagged and stuffed into a drawer
She’s got something like caring with the wrong motivations
Bake you cake to let you know she’s there

And just when you’ve forgotten
The way she lives with her head up in the clouds
She brings you back
And shoves you down

So why does she matter so much?

Like the Marquise said, “I’ll believe that the stars are anything you say.”

“No!” I answered. “It will never be said of me that in an arbor, at ten o’clock in the evening, I talked of philosophy to the most beautiful woman I know. Look elsewhere for the philosophers.”
Track Name: Went Down Swinging
Seven somber stone-cold, stern-faced statues
Betrayed by intermittent
Smirks, sighs, and obscenities
Sit ‘round the black tar table
In the delicate wispy blue
That they can no longer smell

Night’s blackness storms the windows
The television bathes them in

Soft shifting light
Its endless chatter falls on deaf ears,
Largely unnoticed and barely audible
Over the shuffling, splashing, and banter

The river drops the third jack
To compliment one in the pocket
And the one-eye on the flop
Nine high three of a kind goes all in

I never thought it possible
For triumph and dread to be
Such quick friends
A call across the table, he’s got ten high
Oh, fuck.
Track Name: Ghosts
It sounded like a riot, but it was just a tug of war
The kids in their camouflage exploding into roars
A pain – a broken skull – brings the nightfall from inside
No more memories of life except what’s in my sights

The papers that say I’m alive are gone
The people who keep me alive are gone
This world isn’t mine, but I can’t find the world I’m from
Shapes adrift in silence, shrouding nomads born

How do we know if the ghosts are wrong?
Real memories or forgotten songs?
I look to my left and I see a reflection's dying gaze
Resigned to hollow emptiness for all of my days
Track Name: Coin
Maybe you’re crazy
Maybe it’s me
Maybe you’re a vision of mine you once showed me
First impressions aren’t everything
Strung up and strung out

I don’t think ‘cuz I think of you
Now I’m through, or so I said
When every day I put five bullets in my head
It was just a matter of time
I knew, I knew
And you, you knew all along

I am caught again
The scorpion
The scorpion girl
Speared by the scorpion girl
Track Name: The Gunn Epiphany
It has come to my attention
That I am completely self-absorbed
But cannot bring myself to say “narcissist".
Unaware and pleasantly oblivious
Is that why I write these songs?
Do I really think anyone is so concerned?
I guess I never learn

What you say, what you do, it’s all gonna come back on you

This can’t be me
Am I in a phase
Or is this the norm?
I can never remember what people tell me about themselves
It matters to them and it should to me
But does it really? I don't fucking care
I guess I'm unaware

It's not what you say, it's not what you do

Everyone has a purpose
Track Name: Machines
The strung-up puppet has such a rich history
And can’t untangle the strings which lead to your fingertips
I hate him for being so good for you
And especially for the clarity of his heart’s eye
Am I falling for you?
Or for who I want you to be?
Is she the new necessity?

My woman is machine
Your woman is machine
All women are machines

Does the mold form to fit her shape?
Or am I trying desperately to fit her inside?
Is she somebody special?
Or just somebody along the way? Is she anyone at all?
I’d like to stop pretending
I feel the way I did
When the roles were reversed
And I thought I didn’t care

When I overconfidently and self-absorbedly assumed
It was all up to me
And you were already irreversibly consumed

Were you just pretending?
Is that just the way you are?
That person must be a stranger to me
And you, simply fiction

They were slaves to the slaves
But that’s no longer the case
They may not yet be free
But they dominate humanity
It was destined, their rise
Now, they control our lives
Future superhuman overlords
Never needed guns nor swords